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Anti-thrombotic therapy in Peripheral Artery Disease General cardiologists Cardiologists specialising in inherited cardiovascular disease Cardiologists in training Professionals and scientists ...

Date : 29/09/2017

Watch the webinar recording M. Glikson will concentrate on management of emergencies in ICD patients understanding mechanisms and etiologies, differential diagnosis and emergency steps to be taken ...

Date : 26/03/2013

Content of the course Special Quiz: This session is dedicated to ICD in the form of an interactive Quiz. For 60 minutes, Professor Sadoul will present relevant clinical cases, selected for their ...

Date : 16/03/2011

How to assess congestion by ultrasound? - Clinical cases, practical tips and potential pitfalls Watch the webinar recording Faculty Speakers Doctor Luna Gargani Institute Of Clinical Physiology-Cnr ...

Date : 12/04/2019

Watch the webinar recording How to select the patients, best imaging modalities, complications and follow-up Helmut Baumgartner and Michael Borger The format includes a case based presentation, ...

Date : 20/06/2013

Watch the webinar recording Faculty Speaker Doctor Emma Svennberg Danderyd's University Hospital Hjartkliniken (Cardiology Dept) Danderyd, Sweden Host Professor A. John Camm, FESC, FEHRA St. ...

Date : 25/06/2019

Watch the webinar recording The objective of this webinar is to provide comprehensive knowledge about the clinical management of pacemaker and ICD patients with local and systemic device infections.

Date : 24/09/2014

Watch the webinar recording Faculty Speakers Professor Reidar Winter Senior Consultant Cardiologist, Departement of Cardiology, Danderyd Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden Professor of Medical Engineering, ...

Date : 14/12/2016

Join Professor David Jiménez and Professor Stavros Konstantinides for this ESC Webinar on Diagnosis, Risk Stratification and Management of Acute Pulmonary Embolism according to the ESC ...

Date : 25/09/2015

Current management of stable coronary artery disease. diagnosis, medical treatment and options for revascularisation Watch the webinar recording By attending this webinar you will understand: ...

Date : 18/02/2015