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Watch the webinar recording Faculty Speakers Professor Fransisco Leyva, FESC Professor of Cardiology, Aston University Birmingham United Kingdom Doctor Mauro Biffi Institute Of Cardiology Cardiology ...

Date : 07/02/2018

Watch part one of the webinar recording Watch part two of the webinar recording Faculty Carsten Israel and Haran Burri The format includes case based presentations, online assessment and live ...

Date : 23/04/2015

Watch the webinar recording Speakers Prof. Haran Burri (host) Dr. Mauro Biffi (speaker) Prof. Carsten Israel (speaker) Session information Target audience: For the best viewing experience, a ...

Date : 24/11/2015

Watch part 1 of the webinar recording Watch part 2 of the webinar recording Speakers Professor Haran Burri (host) Professor Carina Blomström Lundqvist (speaker) Professor Christophe Leclercq ...

Date : 13/10/2015

The format includes a case based presentation, online assessment and live discussions with the 2 key opinion leaders who will give you some useful tips for your daily clinical practice.

Date : 05/03/2014