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Genetic Syndromes Associated with Congenital Cardiac Defects and Ophthalmologic Changes - Systematization for Diagnosis in the Clinical Practice

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The myocardial fibrosis not only reveals important aspects of the pathophysiology of the disease, but has a clinical significance, because its progression can lead to injury to the heart conduction ...

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Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging has been gaining momentum for better assessment of hypertrophy, as well as the detection of myocardial fibrosis.

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Case 3/2018 - A 60-year-old Female with Chagasic Heart Disease, Admitted Due to Heart Failure Decompensation, Cachexia and Pulmonary Infection

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Marker of Cardiac Remodeling in Patients with Chronic Chagas Disease

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Both depression and anxiety play a significant role in cardiovascular disease progression and are acknowledged to be independent risk factors.

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