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ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines Members of the Working Group actively participated to the writing and/or reviewing of the following Guidelines: ESC Position Paper on cancer treatments and ...

Date : 05/12/2011

According to their results, the proportions of patients achieving lifestyle targets were higher in the cardiac rehabilitation programme group as compared to the non-CR programme group: stopping ...

Date : 25/07/2018

There are around one million individuals in Portugal with more than 75 years of age and about 4.500 have indication to TAVI due to high risk or inoperability. [...]if indications are expanded to ...

Date : 29/05/2017

All of us have faced clinical problem how to manage such patients. Since there are no generally accepted recommendations we know that therapy selection can be very difficult. The main goals of ...

Date : 09/03/2011

SCA is lethal within minutes if left untreated and survival rates are presently only 5-20%. [...]there is a large medical need to improve SCA prevention and treatment. Identifying risk factors ...

Date : 22/03/2018

While delivered in an equally unique manner, but more contentious, was the debate between past Council chair Prof P. Widimsky and Dr C. Cognard on the role of interventional cardiologists in the ...

Date : 25/02/2019

National CVD Prevention Coordinator for Slovenia: Professor Zlatko Fras, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC Medical Director, Division of Internal Medicine, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia Professor ...

Date : 19/06/2015

By participating in debates and panel discussions, and in the media, representatives of the Polish Cardiac Society (PTK) will build public awareness about valvular heart disease, our ageing society, ...

Date : 12/04/2018

Thanks to Valve for Life (VFL) initiative and financial support, two registries are being conducted in France in order to show the real number of patients requiring TAVI (RAC Registy) or mitral ...

Date : 08/12/2016

Based on this simple observation and comparable to epidemiological data from other European countries, it became obvious that both patient cohorts, patients with cancer and cardiac patients share ...

Date : 11/02/2019