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While delivered in an equally unique manner, but more contentious, was the debate between past Council chair Prof P. Widimsky and Dr C. Cognard on the role of interventional cardiologists in the ...

Date : 25/02/2019

Based on this simple observation and comparable to epidemiological data from other European countries, it became obvious that both patient cohorts, patients with cancer and cardiac patients share ...

Date : 11/02/2019

To facilitate the endorsement, adaptation, translation and publication of the European Guidelines on CVD Prevention To coordinate the development of CVD Prevention tools at national level To liaise ...

Date : 07/05/2019

The goal of the EACVI Scientific Initiatives Committee is to have a global view of what is going on among European countries with regard to guideline implementation, management of patients needing ...

Date : 24/01/2019

Dr Hana Skalicka Chairperson of the Association of Private Cardiologists in the Czech Republic Recent News from Dr Ivan Kohl - Introduction of a financial contribution from patients - Annual Meetings ...

Date : 04/02/2019

HFA Atlas is part of the ESC Atlas of Cardiology, a unique compendium of data on the prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD), risk factors, outcomes, health infrastructure and service provision ...

Date : 03/07/2019

The objectives According to Prof. Barbato, among the objectives of the EAPCI White Book are to aid in the tracking of possible discrepancies in therapies being adopted across Europe, help detect ...

Date : 06/08/2019

Luxembourg Discover Previous country reports Israel (October 2013) and Turkey (updated November 2014 ) Germany (update "prevention activities" February 2017) and Iceland (December 2013) Ireland and ...

Date : 16/08/2019