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The objectives are to describe the clinical epidemiology of patients undergoing an EHAFA procedure, diagnostic/therapeutic processes applied in these patients across Europe, short and long-term ...

Date : 21/04/2016

HFA Atlas is part of the ESC Atlas of Cardiology, a unique compendium of data on the prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD), risk factors, outcomes, health infrastructure and service provision ...

Date : 03/07/2019

In this new web section “The Overview of Preventive Cardiology in Europe” a valuable source of information is presented based on the "Country of the Month" reports of the National CVD ...

Date : 17/08/2017

The objectives According to Prof. Barbato, among the objectives of the EAPCI White Book are to aid in the tracking of possible discrepancies in therapies being adopted across Europe, help detect ...

Date : 06/08/2019

Luxembourg Discover Previous country reports Israel (October 2013) and Turkey (updated November 2014 ) Germany (update "prevention activities" February 2017) and Iceland (December 2013) Ireland and ...

Date : 16/08/2019