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Background Worldwide, nurses make a vital contribution to cardiovascular health and assist in the achievement of the ESC’s mission to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease. The Munich ...

Date : 28/02/2019

[...]during my first semesters at medical school i was fascinated by the fact that medicine is not only about treating patients and their disease but also about understanding the complex molecular ...

Date : 10/09/2013

The case Description Elite athlete presenting with palpitations: 24-year-old, black Caribbean, elite football player complained of palpitations in the 86th minute of a competitive game. Test your ...

Date : 02/08/2017

[...]milk is the very first human food. The research group of The Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) study examined the association between dairy consumption and cardiovascular morbidity ...

Date : 23/10/2018

Definition of Hypertension (HT) does not change: the new guidelines define HT as an office Blood Pressure (BP) greater than 140/90 mm Hg and patients with systolic/diastolic BP of 130 to 139/85 to 89 ...

Date : 17/07/2018

The contribution from the HUNT material includes work related to the amount of physical activity necessary for mortality risk reduction in individuals with coronary heart disease, as well as for ...

Date : 22/10/2018

Advocacy activities include Valve for Life Initiative as well as the ongoing collaboration with EU regulators to ensure the safety, relevance and availability of medical devices. Within our research ...

Date : 02/08/2019

The case Description 16-year-old Caucasian female national level soccer athlete presented for her yearly pre-participation screening as she is part of the soccer team of our federal state: The ...

Date : 28/03/2019

In a recent paper published in “Circulation” a surprising message is published about an unfavourable evolution in the management and funding of cardiovascular diseases (McClellan M. et ...

Date : 06/05/2019

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD), which in turn represents the principal cause of disability and mortality in individuals with DM. According to ...

Date : 14/12/2018