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ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines Members of the Working Group actively participated to the writing and/or reviewing of the following Guidelines: ESC Position Paper on cancer treatments and ...

Date : 05/12/2011

Titles Link Percutaneous Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases in Women Access Motivations for and barriers to choosing an interventional cardiology career path: results from the EAPCI Women Committee ...

Date : 07/10/2015

Summary of the paper In the February issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine, Meurin and the colleagues from the French Society of Cardiology [9] have published results of their randomized trial on ...

Date : 01/02/2010

Furthermore, the study population was categorized at the 6-month follow-up according to an improvement/normality criterion, defined as LVEF increase >20 percentage points or LVE ? Among patients ...

Date : 01/01/2014

CM is a clinical diagnosis characterized by dilation and impaired contraction of the left or both ventricles that is not explained by abnormal loading conditions or coronary artery disease. Viral ...

Date : 30/09/2013

Which patients are at risk for complicated disease after acute pericarditis, Which patients with complicated pericarditis benefit from multimodality imaging What is the pathological progression of ...

Date : 31/01/2017

There is no family history of premature sudden cardiac death or cardiomyopathy. Test your knowledge (function(e,t,o,s){var ...

Date : 13/01/2016

Programme directors, Prof. David Walker (ACCA Board member and committee chair) and Prof. Christiaan Vrints (Founder of ACCA, ex-officio Board member and EHJ-ACVC editor in chief) selected focused ...

Date : 13/04/2018

The case 60 year-old male endurance athlete presented to the emergency department with a 7-day history of palpitations associated with presyncope: No significant cardiovascular risk factors of ...

Date : 03/06/2019

The first posted discussion had the title 'The new ACC/AHA guidelines on High Blood Pressure: an American revolutio ? and was related to the article by Marc Ferrini about the publication of the new ...

Date : 20/04/2018