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The case Description 53 year old male Body height: 178 cm Body weight: 80 kg VO2max: 1250 ml/min (50% of predicted normal value) Resting HR: 55 bts/min Peak exercise HR: 134 bts/min Total ...

Date : 15/11/2018

The case EF 60% dyspnoea NYHA II and loss of performance male patient, age 61 weight: 99 kg; size: 182cm BMI: 29.89; Body surface: 2.20 m2 Test findings Spirometry ECG Derivation 9 Panel Plot of the ...

Date : 04/06/2018

The case Description Elite athlete presenting with palpitations: 24-year-old, black Caribbean, elite football player complained of palpitations in the 86th minute of a competitive game. Test your ...

Date : 02/08/2017

There is no family history of premature sudden cardiac death or cardiomyopathy. Test your knowledge (function(e,t,o,s){var ...

Date : 13/01/2016

The case Description Repolarisation abnormalities in an athlete: A 22 year old Caucasian international rugby player was referred following pre participation cardiac screening He was asymptomatic, ...

Date : 15/05/2017

The case Description A 55 year-old man with chest pain of unknown origin was referred for an exercise stress echo, but the results were uninterpretable for abnormal movement of the interventricular ...

Date : 19/10/2014

Prolonged QT interval in an elite young athlete An 18-year-old Caucasian boxer was referred for specialist investigation after routine pre-participation screening revealed an abnormal ECG. The ...

Date : 08/04/2016

The case Description This is the cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPX) graphical (9-plot) report of an hypertensive patient (68 year old) with lone atrial fibrillation. Test Findings The 9-plot ...

Date : 01/08/2014

The case Description 70 years old male Body height: 182 cm Body weight: 80 kg Sex: male VO2max: 1500 ml/min (73% of predicted normal value) Resting HR: 52 bts/min Peak exercise HR: 112 bts/min Total ...

Date : 13/03/2017

The case Description 35-year-old Caucasian female football player underwent pre-participation cardiovascular screening. Test your knowledge (function(e,t,o,s){var ...

Date : 30/06/2014