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DDD(R)-pacing, but not AAI(R)-pacing induces left ventricular desynchronization in patients with sick sinus syndrome: tissue-Doppler and 3D echocardiographic evaluation in a randomized controlled ...

Europace, PACING, Andi Eie Albertsen, Jens Cosedis Nielsen, Steen Hvitfeldt Poulsen, Peter Thomas Mortensen, Anders Kirstein Pedersen, Peter Steen Hansen, Henrik Kjærulf Jensen, Henrik Egeblad

Date : 01/02/2008 Item size : 254004 bytes

Conclusion Right atrial overdrive pacing in combination with antiarrhythmic drugs seems an attractive treatment option in drug refractory symptomatic AF patients. Atrial ...

Europace, ATRIAL FIBRILLATION, Martin E.W. Hemels, Ans C.P. Wiesfeld, Bas Inberg, Pascal F.H.M. Van Dessel, Wiebe Nieuwland, Eng S. Tan, Henk Mulder, Dirk J. Van Veldhuisen, Isabelle C. Van Gelder

Date : 01/02/2006 Item size : 246887 bytes

Abstract Aims The BRIGHT study evaluated bifocal right ventricular (RV) (apex and outflow tract) pacing in a single, blind, randomized crossover study in patients eligible for cardiac ...

Europace, CARDIAC RESYNCHRONISATION THERAPY, Jan C.J. Res, Marcel J.J.A. Bokern, Carel C. de Cock, Ton van Loenhout, Patrick N.A. Bronzwaer, Han A.M. Spierenburg

Date : 01/10/2007 Item size : 216251 bytes

The use of bipolar Medtronic 4968 leads reduced the risk of surgical reintervention because of fracture, insulation break, outgrowth or exit block in comparison to the unipolar 4965 lead design (HR ...

Europace, CLINICAL RESEARCH, Petr Kubuš, Ondřej Materna, Roman A. Gebauer, Tomáš Matějka, Roman Gebauer, Tomáš Tláskal, Jan Janoušek

Date : 01/04/2012 Item size : 212655 bytes

Dual atrial pacemaker implantation lead to linkage and synchronization of atrial and ventricular contraction in both the donor and native heart with the faster organ executing the ...

Europace, PACING, H. Antretter, F. Hintringer, H. Hangler, E. Gassner, D. Hoefer, J. Kilo, J. Margreiter, G. Laufer, G. Poelzl

Date : 01/04/2006 Item size : 148968 bytes

Abstract Aims To study the effects of right low atrial septum (AS) and right atrial appendage (RAA) pacing on atrial mechanical function and dyssynchrony in patients with sinus node disease (SND) and ...

Europace, Pacing for Atrial Fibrillation, Mei Wang, Chung-Wah Siu, Kathy LF Lee, Wen-Sheng Yue, Guo-Hui Yan, Stephen Lee, Chu-Pak Lau, Hung-Fat Tse

Date : 01/09/2011 Item size : 245052 bytes

Methods Patients with various standard indications for pacing were included in this registry and received single or dual chamber pacemakers. Conclusion Results of this registry show that this expert ...

Europace, Regular Article, A. Schuchert, S. Lepage, J.J. Ostrander, R.J. Bos, M. Gwechenberger, A. Nicholls, G. Ringwald

Date : 01/05/2005 Item size : 162209 bytes

Patients were followed up for 30 days regarding bleeding complications, incidence of thromboembolism, length of therapy and adverse events following bridging therapy. 200 patients (age 78.4 ± 8.3 ...

Europace, Pacing and Resynchronization Therapy, Christoph Hammerstingl, Heyder Omran

Date : 01/09/2011 Item size : 270907 bytes

Abstract Aims To determine the effects of upgrading from right ventricular (RV) pacing to cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) in patients with heart failure. Methods and results Patients with ...

Europace, Paul W.X. Foley, Sahrkaur A. Muhyaldeen, Shajil Chalil, Russell E.A. Smith, John E. Sanderson, Francisco Leyva

Date : 01/04/2009 Item size : 252101 bytes

Abstract Aims The aim of this study was to test pacemakers with feedthru filters for interference with a digital cellular telephone. A GSM-standard cellular phone was tested in the standby, dialing ...

Europace, Regular Article, K. Hekmat, B. Salemink, G. Lauterbach, R.H.G. Schwinger, M. Südkamp, H.J. Weber, U. Mehlhorn

Date : 01/01/2004 Item size : 206454 bytes