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EuroIntervention One-year clinical outcomes following BRS implantation for diffuse coronary lesions: a substudy from the GHOST-EU registry The incidence of target lesion failure (composite endpoint ...

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Giordana F., Montefusco A., D'ascenzo F., Scarano S., Abu-assi E., Raposeiras-roubín S., Henriques J., Omedè P., Gaita F., Moretti C. AIMS Differences in response to prasugrel and ticagrelor in the ...

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Tanboga I., Topcu S., Aksakal E., Oduncu V., Aksu U., Sevimli S. AIMS We aimed to update our meta-analysis that investigated the effects of routine manual thrombus aspiration (TA) on clinical ...

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Tanboga I., Topcu S., Aksakal E., Aksakal E., Serdar S. AIMS In this meta-analysis, we aimed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of regadenoson compared to adenosine in measuring FFR. [...]6 ...

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All cause death, Heart failure (HF), Repeat revascularization (RR), Reinfarction (re-MI), Stent thrombosis (ST), Stroke and MACE were recorded at one-year. II-IV), total ischaemic time, heart rate, ...

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EuroIntervention The comparison of strategies to prepare severely calcified coronary lesions: rotational atherectomy vs. cutting balloon Amemiya K., Ochiai M., Oyama Y., Igawa W., Kido T., Ono M., ...

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Myocardial injury, defined according to the Valve Academic Research Consortium (VARC)-2 as post-TAVI troponin >15x the upper limit of normal, occurred in 338 patients (58.1%). While myocardial ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS Evidence states that prompt and proper treatment of heart patients with acute Konar syndrome (ACS) increases survival, reduces complications such as impaired LVEF, and reduces the ...

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After 7±1 months follow-up periods, low-density lipoprotein levels were lower in ES than S (68±24 vs. 80±24 mg/dL, p=0.02), although the prescription of high intensity statins was frequent for S. ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS Between 2009 and 2014, 500 consecutive patients with atrial fibrillation ineligible or at high risk for oral anticoagulation underwent left atrial appendage closure using ...

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