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In our centre we established transradial access as the routine method for elective, urgent and emergency procedures (primary or rescue PCI). Radial access was unsuccessful because of spasm (2 ...

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Mccormick L., Gooley R., Zaman S., Rashid H., Ramkumar S., Meredith I. AIMS The Lotus valve (Boston Scientific) is a new-generation TAVI device which can be repositioned, resheathed & retrieved, even ...

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Sorropago A., Sorropago G., Auguadro C., Finizio M., Inglese L., Scalise F. AIMS The purpose of this study was to assess the feasibility of TAVI without arterial introducer sheaths in patients with ...

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EuroIntervention In vivo evaluation of the provisional strategy for an everolimus-eluting BRS for coronary bifurcation lesions: interim OCT results Robaei D., Foin N., Kushwaha V., Ooi S., Jepson N. ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS Arterius has developed a unique manufacturing technology that enables the cost effective manufacture of biodegradable semi-crystalline polymeric stents with both high tensile ...

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Subinas A., De La Torre Hernandez J., Hernandez F., Pan M., Rumoroso J., Teruel L., Moreu J., Martin Yuste V., Perez De Prado A., Vinhas H., Suarez A., Cubero J., Lozano I., Martin Moreiras J., ...

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Common delays in the cathlab include late arrival by a patient to the facility, delayed patient preparation in the holding area, physician readiness, patient transportation times, delays in set-up of ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS Consecutive patients with ULMCA stenosis identified at our institution in 2009-2013 (n=308) were analysed in this retrospective cohort study with multivariate logistic regression ...

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EuroIntervention Bifurcational coronary lesions treated with everolimus-eluting BRS: procedural strategies and clinical outcomes AIMS To demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the Absorb ...

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EuroIntervention First clinical experience with the Multi-LOC multiple stent delivery system for focal stenting in femoropopliteal lesions Amendt K., Sigl M., Jung J., Waliszewski M., K├Âlble H. ...

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