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EuroIntervention Safety and efficacy of intracardiac vs. transesophageal echocardiography for LAA closure with Watchman: a comparative single-centre consecutive cohort study Frangieh A., Alibegovic ...

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Tichelbäcker T. AIMS We sought to elucidate electrophysiological parameters that are associated with and maybe predict the need of permanent pacemaker implantation after TAVI in a heterogeneous ...

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Nickenig G., Hammerstingl C., Vahanian A., Messika-zeitoun D., Kuck K., Frerker C., Alfieri O., Colombo A., Latib A., Baldus S., Volker R., Topilsky Y., Grayburn P., Maisano F. AIMS The aim of this ...

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Cavalcante R., Mancone M., Sotomi Y., Falcone M., Abdelghani M., Suwannasom P., Zeng Y., Tenekecioglu E., Tateishi H., Collet C., Diletti R., Onuma Y., Serruys P. AIMS To assess incidence, predictors ...

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Mukhtar Z., Kasiman S., Lubis A., Akbar N. AIMS The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of local intracoronary  bolus administration of combination eptifibatide and streptokinase to ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS Anticoagulation strategies are the primary means to reduce the risk of cerebrovascular accidents, and while these strategies result in important reductions in embolic events, they ...

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During the follow-up period (median 464 days), no significant difference was seen in TLR-free rate between the two groups (small group vs. large group; HR 0.83 [95%CI: 0.26-2.65], p=0.76). There ...

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EuroIntervention Six-month invasive safety assessment in humans of renal artery denervation using Simplicity Spyral applied in the main trunk and branches METHODS AND RESULTS Patients with resistant ...

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Azzalini L., Carlino M., Brilakis E., Colombo A. AIMS We introduce a novel technique that facilitates retrograde wire externalisation during reverse controlled antegrade and retrograde tracking and ...

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EuroIntervention Five-year clinical follow-up of the PYTON (prospective evaluation of the Tryton side-branch stent with an additional Xience-V everolimus-eluting stent in coronary bifurcation ...

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