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EuroIntervention Procedures for left main coronary artery disease in the real-world clinical practice - stents, CABG, or hybrid procedures: a single-centre experience Moura-ferreira S., Silva M., ...

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EuroIntervention Final five-year clinical outcomes in the EVOLVE trial: a randomised evaluation of a novel bioabsorbable polymer-coated everolimus-eluting stent METHODS AND RESULTS The EVOLVE trial ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS In a pilot study, 8 patients with treatment resistant hypertension (60.0 ± 8.8 years) that had multiple renal arteries in either kidney were included. [...]every patient could ...

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EuroIntervention Device-associated thrombus formation after LAA closure: a systematic review of events reported with the Watchman Device, the Amplatzer Cardiac Plug and the Amulet Lempereur M., ...

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EuroIntervention Everolimus-eluting BRS thrombosis: is it myth or reality? - A trial sequential meta-analysis, clinical and statistical significance analysis To assess clinical vs. statistical ...

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EuroIntervention Five-year clinical outcomes in a real-world population of patients with long coronary lesions treated with the 38mm cobalt-chromium everolimus-eluting stent The majority of patients ...

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Nakamura M., Yokoi H., Matsuo H., Tanaka N., Akasaka T. AIMS The classification agreement by hybrid strategy has been demonstrated, however, follow-up data was absent. METHODS AND RESULTS J-DEFINE ...

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Invasive and noninvasive measurements were repeated 6-months post-denervation under the same baseline sedation protocol, again, under directly observed drug therapy. At 6-months follow-up, overall ...

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EuroIntervention EuroSCORE II strongly predicts all-cause mortality during follow-up in patients with significant left main coronary artery disease undergoing PCI or CABG surgery Moura-ferreira S., ...

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EuroIntervention Non-invasive coronary CT angiography-based Heart Team assessment using the SYNTAX score II for the selection of the revascularisation strategy in patients with multivessel coronary ...

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