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METHODS AND RESULTS The GHOST-EU (Gauging coronary Healing with bioresorbable Scaffolding plaTforms in Europe) registry was an "all-comer" registry and included patients with both "simple" and ...

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EuroIntervention Procedural safety and intermediate term efficacy of zotarolimus-eluting Resolute Integrity stents in the management of native very-long segment coronary artery lesions: a prospective ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS Baseline characteristics and clinical outcomes of participants into the BIOSCIENCE trial (n=1,216) were compared to those of non-participants (n=1,045), at Bern University ...

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Boeder N., Koepp T., Doerr O., Bauer T., Elsässer A., Möllmann H., Achenbach S., Hamm C., Nef H. AIMS To evaluate the acute performance of novolimus-eluting bioresorbable scaffold with a nominal ...

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Zimoch W., Kosowski M., Kubler P., Tomasiewicz B., Reczuch K. AIMS This study was created to assess the frequency and influence of severe coronary artery calcification in target lesions on adverse ...

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EuroIntervention Impact of proton-pump inhibitors on clinical outcomes in patients treated with a six-month or 24-month DAPT duration: insights from the PRODIGY trial METHODS AND RESULTS We assessed ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS In a single centre prospective registry of all patients receiving the Absorb bioresorbable vascular scaffold (BRS) between 2012 and 2015, we recorded patient clinical and lesion ...

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Women (n=459; 23.3%) were older, more likely to have hypertension, lower creatinine clearance, and acute coronary syndrome (ACS), but had a lower severity of coronary artery disease (CAD). After ...

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Zilio F., Al Mamary A., Cabianca E., Pedemonte E., Ronco F., Ugo F., Cerrato E., Cernetti C., Coccato M., De Iaco G., Fineschi M., Granata F., Bossone E., La Manna A., Lettieri C., Marchese A., Mauro ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS PROMETHEUS was a retrospective multicentre observational study comparing clopidogrel and prasugrel use in patients undergoing PCI for acute coronary syndrome (n=19,914; 76% ...

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