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Palazuelos J., Martí D., Clares P., Gutierrez C., Rueda A., Morales M., Pérez Guzmán J., Fernández C., Rada I., Alvarez S. AIMS An aging of population favours complex PCI and increase the denied ...

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Jabbour R., Kawamoto H., Tanaka A., Pagnesi M., Mangieri A., Regazzoli D., Ancona M., Spartera M., Giannini F., Montorfano M., Latib A., Colombo A. AIMS The aim of this study was to report on the ...

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Tanaka A., Jabbour R., Kawamoto H., Mangieri A., Chieffo A., Carlino M., Montorfano M., Latib A., Colombo A. AIMS The aim of this study was to investigate clinical outcomes following bifurcation ...

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EuroIntervention One-year clinical outcomes following BRS implantation for diffuse coronary lesions: a substudy from the GHOST-EU registry The incidence of target lesion failure (composite endpoint ...

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EuroIntervention Five-year clinical outcomes in a real-world population of patients with long coronary lesions treated with the 38mm cobalt-chromium everolimus-eluting stent The majority of patients ...

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Kornowski R., Rougin A., Daneneberg H., Assa H., Rozenbaum E., Guetta V., Merdler A., Assali A. AIMS A prospective registry to evaluate the clinical performance of the new generation ORSIRO drug ...

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EuroIntervention A hybrid strategy with BRS and DES for complex coronary artery lesions unsuitable for a pure scaffolding approach Ielasi A., Latib A., Tanaka A., Grigis G., Cortese B., Regazzoli ...

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Tanaka A., Latib A., Kawamoto H., Jabbour R., Mangieri A., Chieffo A., Carlino M., Montorfano M., Colombo A. AIMS The objective of this study was to investigate outcomes following bioresorbable ...

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EuroIntervention Impact of diabetic status on outcomes following revascularisation with DES in relation to coronary artery disease complexity: a patient-level pooled analysis of 6,081 ...

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EuroIntervention Utility of slow-speed rotational atherectomy in patients with severe left ventricular dysfunction undergoing PCI Palazuelos J., Clares P., Gutierrez C., Morales M., Pérez Guzmán ...

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