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Arroyo D., Schukraft S., Kallinikou Z., Perrin N., Stauffer J., Baeriswyl G., Goy J., Togni M., Puricel S., Cook S. AIMS We sought to compare endothelium-dependent and endothelium-independent ...

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Over an eight-year period (2008-2015) MBs were spotted in 89 patients out of 4,288 enrolled coronary angiograms (86 in left anterior descending [LAD], 2 in ramus intermedius, and 1 in left circumflex ...

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EuroIntervention FFR compared with angiographic estimation of coronary artery disease: impact of diabetes Adjedj J., Xaplanteris P., Floré V., Pellicano M., Ferrara A., Ciccarelli G., Barbato E., ...

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EuroIntervention Imaging and physiology-guided PCI without contrast administration in advanced renal failure: a feasibility, safety and outcome study Ali Z., Karimi Galougahi K., Nazif T., Maehara ...

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Pellicano M., Di Gioia G., Toth G G., Ferrara A., Adejdj J., Van Durme F., Heyse A., Vanderheyden M., Bartunek J., Wijns W., De Bruyne B., Barbato E. AIMS In long coronary lesions treated with ...

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Arri S., Williams R., Asrress K., Lumley M., Ellis H., Patterson T., Khawaja M., Pavlidis A., Coutts J., Perera D., Clapp B., Marber M., Redwood S. AIMS Mental stress triggers myocardial ischaemia at ...

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Angelillis M., De Carlo M., Giannini C., Pieroni A., Chella P., Petronio A. AIMS To evaluate how early recovery in left ventricular ejection fraction in patients undergoing TAVI with baseline reduced ...

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EuroIntervention Femoral vs. radial access for coronary intervention (PCI) in patients with stable coronary artery disease: results from a large monitor-controlled German registry Reifart J., ...

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Ota H., Okamoto S., Nakatani Y., Omori H., Hirata T., Kikuchi J., Saigusa T., Miyake T., Kawamura I., Kawase Y., Okubo M., Tsuchiya K., Matsuo H. AIMS The purpose of this study was to assess the ...

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EuroIntervention Clinical outcomes of BRS use in patients with small vs. large vessels coronary artery disease: results from the Italian multicentre RAI registry Tarantini G., Masiero G., Loi B., ...

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