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EuroIntervention Predictors of all-cause mortality during follow-up after non-emergent CABG surgery or PCI due to left main coronary artery disease Moura-ferreira S., Silva M., Dias T., Guerreiro ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS In a cohort of 284 patients (70 women and 214 men) undergoing bioresorbable vascular scaffold implantation in two tertiary centres (Großhadern Klinikum München and Policlinico ...

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EuroIntervention The impact of coronary artery disease on survival after TAVI Sinning J., Shamekhi J., Stundl A., Weber M., Sedaghat A., Pingel S., Hammerstingl C., Welz A., Mellert F., Grube E., ...

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Lemos P., Chandwani P., Saxena S., Ramachandran P., Abhyankar A., Campos C., Marchini J., Galon M., Verma P., Sandhu M., Parikh N., Bhupali A., Jain S., Prajapati J. AIMS The aim of this registry was ...

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EuroIntervention Impact of coronary artery disease on clinical outcomes among patients undergoing TAVI: an age- and sex-matched cohort study Franzone A., Stortecky S., Räber L., Heg D., Yamaji K., ...

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EuroIntervention Does coronary artery dominance predict the outcome in coronary artery disease? The purpose of this study is to assess the role of coronary artery dominance in predicting ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS We analyzed data from consecutive patients scheduled for coronary angiography or percutaneous coronary intervention, including outpatient clinics and emergency department. Severe ...

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EuroIntervention Long-term clinical outcomes of thin-strut biodegradable-coated sirolimus-eluting stents implanted in an all-comer patient population METHODS AND RESULTS This is a retrospective, ...

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EuroIntervention Randomised comparison of sirolimus-eluting and biolimus-eluting bioresorbable polymer stents: the SORT-OUT VII OCT study Andreasen L., Holm N., Balleby I., Krusell L., Mæng M., ...

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EuroIntervention Impact of stent type and prolonged DAPT on long-term clinical outcomes in haemodialysis patients with coronary artery disease Asami M., Aoki J., Sato T., Tanimoto S., Watanabe M., ...

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