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Diabetic patients (n=239) were younger (80.4±6.9 vs 83.1±6.2 years, p=0.0001), more likely to be men (58.6% vs 48.1%, p=0.006), and had more comorbidities, including coronary artery disease (60.1% ...

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Schofer J., Colombo A., Lefevre T., Latib A., Bruschi G., Fajadet J., Nickenig G., Redwood S., Mullen M., Maisano F., Weissman N., Thomas M., Young C., Yap J., Grube E., Sinning J., Hauptmann K., ...

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EuroIntervention Provisional vs. two-stent technique for unprotected left main coronary artery disease after 10 years follow-up: a propensity-matched analysis METHODS AND RESULTS This is a ...

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A pre-specified sub-analysis was carried out in order to: 1) compare the risk of major adverse cardiovascular events (defined as the composite of all-cause mortality, myocardial infarction, or ...

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