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METHODS AND RESULTS Forty-four (44) patients with angiographically documented coronary artery disease and complete intravascular imaging were included in the study. CONCLUSIONS We demonstrated a ...

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Cardiovascular Research Foundation, Columbia University Medical Center, New York, NY, USA; 6. Miami Interventional Cardiology Consultants, Miami, FL, USA Aims: In addition to an adjunctive imaging ...

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EuroIntervention A new methodology for accurate 3-dimensional coronary artery reconstruction using routine intravascular ultrasound and angiographic data: implications for widespread assessment of ...

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EuroIntervention The prediction of severity and risk profile of coronary artery disease assed by intravascular ultrasound and virtual histology from non-invasive examinations and genetic ...

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Hirohata A., Yamamoto K., Hirose E., Ohara M., Senoh K., Imai Y., Iino Y., Kobayashi Y., Takafuji H., Sano F., Nosaka K., Ohe T. Aims: The OLIVUS trial, using volumetric IVUS, reported a positive ...

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