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EuroIntervention Correlation between fractional flow reserve and intravascular ultrasound lumen area in intermediate coronary artery stenosis Itsik Ben-Dor, MD; Rebecca Torguson, MPH; Michael A. ...

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Centro Cuore Columbus, Milan, Italy Aims: Previous studies with intravascular ultrasound have demonstrated a relatively high prevalence of negative remodeling in ostial locations of coronary ...

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EuroIntervention Two-year clinical outcome in patients with angiographically intermediate lesions with minimum lumen area less than 4 mm2 using intravascular ultrasound in non-proximal epicardial ...

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EuroIntervention Changes of plaque volume and plaque composition during dual lipid-lowering therapy (atorvastatin+ezetimibe) compared to standard therapy. Kovarnik T. Aims: The comparison of plaque ...

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EuroIntervention Does 3-dimensional quantitative coronary angiography confer additional advantage over traditional 2-dimensional-quantitative coronary angiography in the assessment of intermediate ...

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EuroIntervention Plaque sealing and passivation with a mechanical self-expanding low outward force nitinol VShield device for the treatment of intravascular ultrasound and optical coherence ...

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By IVUS, baseline mean minimum lumen area (MLA) (1.96 vs. 1.86 mm2), plaque âburdenâ (68.7 vs. 73.7%), remodeling index (85.2 vs. 90.1), and arc of calcium >90 degrees (53.8 vs. 57.1%) were ...

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