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METHODS AND RESULTS Using the dedicated videodensitometry software: CAAS A-Valve 2.0.2 (Pie Medical Imaging, Maastricht, The Netherlands), AR after TAVI was quantified, and inter- and intra-observer ...

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EuroIntervention Paravalvular prosthetic regurgitation: clinical outcomes in patients undergoing percutaneous leak closure and surgical repair Methods and results: A retrospective, observational ...

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Costa Jr J.D.R., Abizaid A., Sousa A., Siqueira D., Chamie D., Feres F., Costa R., Staico R., Viana R., Sousa J.E. Aims: This study sought to evaluate, by serial grey-scale intravascular ultrasound ...

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EuroIntervention Late results of the PAX A trial comparing a novel polymer-free paclitaxel-eluting stent to the first generation Taxus paclitaxel-eluting stent with durable polymer Costa Jr J.D.R., ...

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Collet C., Costa J.R., Abizaid A., Chamié D., Ricardo C., Staico R., Sanchez A., Feres F., Amanda S., Sousa J.E. Aims: The amount of neointimal hyperplasia (IH) following drug-eluting stent ...

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With first generation drug-eluting stent (DES) this effect of arterial overstretch as assessed by balloon-to-artery ratio (BAR) on NIH formation appears to be diminished; however the impact of BAR on ...

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EuroIntervention Comparative analysis of a distal protection system and the new stent M-Guard for the treatment of complex lesions in saphenous vein grafts Methods and results: A consecutive cohort ...

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EuroIntervention Initial results of the FANTOM 1 trial: a first-in-man evaluation of a novel, radiopaque sirolimus-eluting BRS Costa Jr J., Abizaid A., Chamie D., Lansky A., Kochman J., Koltowski L. ...

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