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[...]we compared an amphilimus-eluting stent with 3 months of dual antiplatelet therapy to a zotarolimus-eluting stent in the complex setting of (troponin negative) diabetes. The major adverse ...

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Maeremans J., Knaapen P., Avran A., Walsh S., Hanratty C., Faurie B., Agostoni P., Bressollette E., Spratt J., Kayaert P., Bagnall A., Smith D., Mcentegart M., Smith W., Kelly P., Irving J., Smith ...

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Medtronic CoreValve in transfemoral aortic valve implantation (ELECT) trial: a randomised comparison of balloon-expandable vs. self-expanding transcatheter aortic valve prostheses Furthermore, it ...

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EuroIntervention Effect of body mass index on clinical outcomes and all-cause mortality in elderly patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve replacement A Cox proportional hazards regression ...

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EuroIntervention Transcatheter aortic valve implantation with the new balloon-expandable SAPIEN 3 versus SAPIEN XT valve system: a propensity score matched single-centre comparison Nijhoff F., Abawi ...

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[...]it remains unknown what the exact working-mechanism of the blood pressure lowering effect of pRDN is. Small animal studies have suggested an improvement of renal flow after pRDN. The wire was ...

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Samim M., Agostoni P., Van Kimmenade R., Nijhoff F., Doevendans P., Stella P. Aims: An accurate measurement of aortic annulus diameter is crucial for correct bioprosthesis sizing and a successful ...

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Samim M., Agostoni P., Nijhoff F., Doevendans P., Stella P. Aims: Optimal positioning of the transcatheter aortic prosthesis is paramount to procedural success of transcatheter aortic valve ...

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Samim M., Agostoni P., Voskuil M., Doevendans P., Stella P. Aims: We aimed to assess, by means of OCT, the early (3-6 weeks) healing process after implantation of a new generation thin-strut (60 ...

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DES in bifurcation lesions treated with a single-stenting technique: 6-month angiographic and 12-month clinical results of the DEBIUT (Drug-Eluting Balloon In BIfUrcations Trial) In this randomised, ...

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