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METHODS AND RESULTS This was an observational study analysing data from a prospective database of 3,103 patients undergoing primary PCI between May 2005 and March 2014 at a UK cardiac centre. Both ...

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Modi B.N., Koganti S., Jones D.A., Fung K., Rathod K.S., Akhtar M.M., Jain A., Knight C.J., Mathur A., Weerackody R., Wragg A. Aims: European guidelines state that with the exception of cardiogenic ...

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EuroIntervention DES offer limited benefit over bare-metal stents inserted during vein graft PCI Abu-Own H., Guttman O., Jones D., Rathod K., Weerackody R., Jain A., Knight C., Mathur A., Wragg A. ...

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EuroIntervention Prior coronary artery bypass graft patients treated with primary PCI have higher long-term adverse event rates Papalia F., De Silva H.N., Jones D.A., Rathod K.S., Guttmann O., ...

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Gallagher S., Jones D., Rathod K., Jain A., Kapur A., Knight C., Mathur A., Wragg A. Aims: Previous studies have demonstrated similar outcomes over the short to mid term in patients treated with ...

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EuroIntervention DES implantation is associated with lower MACE rates than bare metal stent implantation in primary PCI for STEMI Gallagher S., Jones D., Bromage D., Rathod K., Knight C., Mathur A., ...

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Bromage D., Jones D., Gallagher S., Akhtar M., Sammut E., Rathod K., Jain A., Knight C., Mathur A., Wragg A. Aims: Both mechanical thrombectomy and glycoprotein (GP) IIb/IIIa antagonists have been ...

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The primary end-point was the first major adverse cardiac event (MACE) defined as death, non-fatal myocardial infarction, stroke or target vessel revascularisation. 1522 patients received abciximab ...

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EuroIntervention Treatment of multivessel coronary artery disease in primary PCI for STEMI: culprit only revascularisation is associated with higher major adverse cardiovascular event ...

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Sammut E.C., Jones D.A., Behar J., Rathod K., Graham A., Jain A., Knight C., Mohiddin S., Mathur A., Wragg A., Smith E.J. Aims: We investigated whether using a primary angioplasty (PPCI) strategy at ...

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