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EuroIntervention Long-term outcomes of PCI and CABG in patients with unprotected left main coronary artery disease: a pooled analysis of individual patient level data from the SYNTAX and PRECOMBAT ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS Arterius has developed a unique manufacturing technology that enables the cost effective manufacture of biodegradable semi-crystalline polymeric stents with both high tensile ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS After screening two hundred and twenty cases, 20 patients who presented radial artery spasm were included in this study. Secondary endpoints included treatment success, delta ...

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EuroIntervention Long-term impact of proximal left anterior descending artery lesions in patients with three-vessel and / or left main coronary artery disease: a patient-level pooled analysis of ...

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EuroIntervention Non-invasive coronary CT angiography-based Heart Team assessment using the SYNTAX score II for the selection of the revascularisation strategy in patients with multivessel coronary ...

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Cavalcante R., Mancone M., Sotomi Y., Falcone M., Abdelghani M., Suwannasom P., Zeng Y., Tenekecioglu E., Tateishi H., Collet C., Diletti R., Onuma Y., Serruys P. AIMS To assess incidence, predictors ...

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EuroIntervention Discrepancies in measurements between OCT and quantitative coronary angiography after implantation of polymeric scaffolds and metallic stents Sotomi Y., Suwannasom P., Hiroki T., ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS Contrast multislice computed tomographic studies of 30 patients (age 80±12 years, 67% males, ejection fraction 58±14%) were analysed using the 3mensio Structural Heart™ Mitral ...

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Fam J., Van Der Sijde J., Karanosos A., Van Mieghem N., Onuma Y., Felix C., De Paolis M., Regar E., Valgimigli M., Daemen J., De Jaegere P., Rapoza R., Zijlstra F., Van Geuns R., Diletti R. AIMS We ...

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Tenekecioglu E., Torii R., Bourantas C., Suwannasom P., Cavalcante R., Sotomi Y., Tateishi H., Zeng Y., Ercan I., Onuma Y., Santoso T., Yilmaz M., Serruys P. AIMS Stent/scaffold design affects local ...

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