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Date : 31/08/2019 Item size : 4437 bytes

A 36-year-old female patient from Serbia with a history of heart murmur and paroxysmal nocturnal orthopnoea from the 3rd trimester of gestation presented with congestive heart failure (HF) after ...

European Heart Journal, Petrovic, Jelena, Boricic, Ivan, Petrovic, Milan, Ivanovic, Branislava

Date : 21/12/2018 Item size : 116097 bytes

A rhythm strip electrocardiogram (ECG) (Panel A) showed a haemodynamically unstable patient with a monomorphic ventricular tachycardia successfully terminated with a synchronous cardioversion. The ...

European Heart Journal, Bermúdez-Jiménez, Francisco José, Jiménez-Jáimez, Juan, González Molina, Mercedes, Tercedor, Luis

Date : 21/12/2018 Item size : 116382 bytes

Response to ‘The potential multiple effects of beta3-adrenergic receptor agonists on the heart protection for patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction’ Among them, ...

European Heart Journal, Balligand, J -L

Date : 21/12/2018 Item size : 112949 bytes

More than half of patients with HF have AF, and one in three with AF develop HF.1 These frequently co-existing conditions are among the most common cardiovascular diagnoses associated with hospital ...

European Heart Journal, Siontis, Konstantinos C, Yao, Xiaoxi, Noseworthy, Peter A

Date : 21/12/2018 Item size : 114599 bytes

The notable growth of high-quality international and regional registries has, among other things, enhanced our understanding of the transfer of information from randomized clinical trials (RCTs) into ...

European Heart Journal, Pfeffer, Marc A, Maggioni, Aldo P

Date : 21/12/2018 Item size : 113288 bytes

Introduction Maladaptive volume redistribution is a potential cause of acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF).1,2 Elevated sympathetic tone may cause decreased vascular compliance of the main ...

European Heart Journal, Fudim, Marat, Ganesh, Arun, Green, Cindy, Jones, W Schuyler, Blazing, Michael A, DeVore, Adam D, Felker, G Michael, Kiefer, Todd L, Kong, David F, Boortz-Marx, Richard L, ...

Date : 21/12/2018 Item size : 135667 bytes

In the recent STEMI guidelines, 49% of the recommendations were labelled as LOE C. Many of these LOE C recommendations were acknowledged as relevant areas for future research in the 2017 STEMI GL ...

European Heart Journal, Ibanez, Borja, Halvorsen, Sigrun, Roffi, Marco, Bueno, Héctor, Thiele, Holger, Vranckx, Pascal, Neumann, Franz-Josef, Windecker, Stephan, James, Stefan

Date : 21/12/2018 Item size : 137112 bytes

The potential multiple effects of beta3-adrenergic receptor agonists on the heart protection for patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction Owing to the important role of survival ...

European Heart Journal, Yang, Xin-quan, Xiong, Ting, Wang, Da-xin

Date : 21/12/2018 Item size : 118188 bytes

In this regard, she explores endogenous regeneration abilities of the heart after pregnancy-induced stress, cancer disease, and/or treatment with cardio toxic agents. Here work has been published in ...

European Heart Journal

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