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First endocardial rotor ablation using a 64-pole basket catheter in a patient with a left atrial appendage closure device In this 70-year old patient with symptomatic longstanding persistent atrial ...

European Heart Journal, Bellmann, Barbara, Kasner, Mario, Landmesser, Ulf, Rillig, Andreas

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Isolated cardiac sarcoidosis: the crucial role of multimodal imaging with positron emission tomography/magnetic resonance imaging in diagnosis and therapy surveillance On subsequent simultaneous ...

European Heart Journal, Steger, Alexander, Weichert, Wilko, Ibrahim, Tareq, Rischpler, Christoph

Date : 07/02/2018 Item size : 119320 bytes

Department of Epidemiology, INSERM, U970, Paris Cardiovascular Research Center, 56 rue Leblanc, 75015 Paris, FranceUniversité Paris Descartes, Sorbonne Paris Cité, Faculté de Médecine, 12 ...

European Heart Journal, Sharman, James E, Boutouyrie, Pierre, Perier, Marie-Cécile, Thomas, Frédérique, Guibout, Catherine, Khettab, Hakim, Pannier, Bruno, Laurent, Stéphane, Jouven, ...

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Citation Freek W A Verheugt, Haiyan Gao, Wael Al Mahmeed, Giuseppe Ambrosio, Pantep Angchaisuksiri, Dan Atar, Jean-Pierre Bassand, A John Camm, Frank Cools, John Eikelboom, Gloria Kayani, Toon Wei ...

European Heart Journal, Verheugt, Freek W A, Gao, Haiyan, Al Mahmeed, Wael, Ambrosio, Giuseppe, Angchaisuksiri, Pantep, Atar, Dan, Bassand, Jean-Pierre, Camm, A John, Cools, Frank, Eikelboom, John, ...

Date : 07/02/2018 Item size : 176669 bytes

Aims Patients with prior infective endocarditis (IE), a prosthetic heart valve, or a cyanotic congenital heart disease (CHD) are considered to be at high risk of IE by guidelines. Patients with ...

European Heart Journal, Østergaard, Lauge, Valeur, Nana, Ihlemann, Nikolaj, Bundgaard, Henning, Gislason, Gunnar, Torp-Pedersen, Christian, Bruun, Niels Eske, Søndergaard, Lars, Køber, Lars, ...

Date : 14/02/2018 Item size : 154568 bytes

Heart failure (HF) is one of the most pervasive complications occurring in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D). The risk of HF with preserved (HFPEF) and reduced (HFREF) ejection fraction is four- ...

European Heart Journal, Paneni, Francesco

Date : 01/02/2018 Item size : 123521 bytes

Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Rigshospitalet, Blegdamsvej 9, 2100 Copenhagen, DenmarkCopenhagen University Hospitals and Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, ...

European Heart Journal, Lauridsen, Bo Kobberø, Stender, Stefan, Kristensen, Thomas Skårup, Kofoed, Klaus Fuglsang, Køber, Lars, Nordestgaard, Børge G, Tybjærg-Hansen, Anne

Date : 01/02/2018 Item size : 156818 bytes

Annular rupture during transcatheter aortic valve replacement: novel treatment with amplatzer vascular plugs Computed tomography showed an annular area of 429mm2, with a focal calcified annular ...

European Heart Journal, Alkhouli, Mohamad, Carpenter, Elizabeth, Tarabishy, Abdul, Sengupta, Partho

Date : 21/02/2018 Item size : 123014 bytes

In western countries, obesity and overweight people make up about half of the population.1 It has never been so easy to get food with so little physical effort, and mankind has never had so many ...

European Heart Journal, Garcia-Moll, Xavier

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