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In order to explore its wider efficacy in patients with manifest heart failure, a preliminary study was performed in patients with chronic stable angina pectoris accompanied by abnormal left ...

European Heart Journal, Raftery, E. B.

Date : 01/07/1995 Item size : 90696 bytes

When such excitation is suppressed by concomitant administration of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, relief of congestive symptoms is enhanced and the morbidity and mortality risk of heart ...

European Heart Journal, Taylor, S. H.

Date : 01/07/1995 Item size : 89827 bytes

Fifty-one patients underwent Doppler studies of tricuspid flow and 2-D derived M-mode studies of the inferior vena cava (IVC) during upper extremity contrast injections. When systolic contrast ...

European Heart Journal, SKJAERPE, T., HATLE, L.

Date : 01/05/1985

The effects of combining diltiazem, a calcium channel blocking agent, with beta adrenergic blockade were evaluated in 11 patients with obstructive coronary artery disease. Following the ...

European Heart Journal, KENNY, J., DALY, K., BERGMAN, G., KERKEZ, S., JEWITT, D. E.

Date : 01/05/1985

The log mean (SD) albumin creatinine ratios for the first urine passed in the myocardial infarction and non-myocardial infarction patient groups were 6.2(4.2) and 1.3(3.4) respectively. Increased ...

European Heart Journal, GOSLING, P., HUGHES, E. A., REYNOLDS, T. M., FOX, J. P.

Date : 01/04/1991 Item size : 97508 bytes

Eighteen years of continous clinical use with the Starr-Edwards ball-valve prosthesis provides an extensive data base for comparison with more recently introduced cardiac prostheses, and establishes ...

European Heart Journal, Macmanus, Q., Metzdorff, M. T., Grunkemeier, G. L., Starr, A.

Date : 01/10/1984 Item size : 95693 bytes

In a few studies, vasodilators have been used in the long-term treatment of chronic pulmonary hypertension related to chronic lung disease (calcium channel blockers, hydralazine, nitrates); here, ...

European Heart Journal, Denolin, H.

Date : 01/09/1988 Item size : 87409 bytes

Task Force of the Working Group on Cardiac Rehabilitation of the European Society of Cardiology

European Heart Journal, Tavazzi, L.

Date : 01/07/1992

Complete heart block with severe Adams-Stokes attacks and polymyositis was observed in a 69-year-old man following 6 weeks penicillamine treatment for suspected rheumatoid arthritis.

European Heart Journal, CHRISTENSEN, P. D., SØRENSEN, K. E.

Date : 01/11/1989

A large number of studies have reported that early administration of beta blockers limits infarct size in animals. In man, several large randomized trials have shown that early administration of ...

European Heart Journal, HERLITZ, J., HJALMARSON, Å.

Date : 01/11/1986