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During the opening session, chaired by the 20142016 ESC President Fausto Pinto, MD, FESC, Alain Cribier and Bernard Gersh received the Gold Medal of the European Society of Cardiology for their ...

European Heart Journal, CardioPulse

Date : 21/10/2016 Item size : 121664 bytes

Variables of importance were age, previous myocardial infarction, left heart failure, maximum heart rate, atrial fibrillation, maximum value of S-GOT and heart volume. A logistic function was used ...

European Heart Journal, HENNING, R., WEDEL, H.

Date : 01/02/1981

The phrase heart failure is used as a shorthand by medical practitoners to describe a wide variety of medical conditions ranging from acute heart failure with pulmonary oedema to terminal chronic ...

European Heart Journal, Poole-Wilson, P. A.

Date : 01/06/1989

In order to explore its wider efficacy in patients with manifest heart failure, a preliminary study was performed in patients with chronic stable angina pectoris accompanied by abnormal left ...

European Heart Journal, Raftery, E. B.

Date : 01/07/1995 Item size : 90696 bytes

When such excitation is suppressed by concomitant administration of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, relief of congestive symptoms is enhanced and the morbidity and mortality risk of heart ...

European Heart Journal, Taylor, S. H.

Date : 01/07/1995 Item size : 89827 bytes

Arrhythmias remain a frequent cause of morbidity and mortality in cardiovascular (CV) patients, and thus an important issue for practising cardiologists. [...]the European Society of Cardiology has ...

European Heart Journal, Lüscher, Thomas F.

Date : 14/01/2015

Prediction of outcome by neurohumoral activation, the six-minute walk test and the Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire in an outpatient cohort with congestive heart failure Aims To ...

European Heart Journal, Hülsmann, M., Berger, R., Sturm, B., Bojic, A., Woloszczuk, W., Bergler-Klein, J., Pacher, R.

Date : 01/06/2002

Aims To describe the clinical course of heart failure in a population-based sample of incident cases, and to identify factors predicting hospitalization and mortality. Age was the only factor ...

European Heart Journal, Cowie, M. R., Fox, K. F., Wood, D. A., Metcalfe, C., Thompson, S. G., Coats, A. J. S., Poole-Wilson, P. A., Sutton, G. C.

Date : 01/06/2002 Item size : 137838 bytes

An evaluation of the strategy of maintenance of sinus rhythm by antiarrhythmic drug therapy after ablation and pacing therapy in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation Methods and Results In ...

European Heart Journal, Brignole, M., Menozzi, C., Gasparini, M., G. Bongiorni, M., Botto, G.L., Ometto, R., Alboni, P., Bruna, C., Vincenti, A., Verlato, R.

Date : 01/06/2002 Item size : 109334 bytes

Primary prevention of SCD in post-MI and heart failure The revision of the section of primary prevention of SCD in post-MI and heart failure has been considered appropriate based on the release of ...

European Heart Journal, Priori, Silvia G, Aliot, Etienne, Blomstrom-Lundqvist, Carina, Bossaert, Leo, Breithardt, Gunter, Brugada, Pedro, Camm, John A, Cappato, Riccardo, Cobbe, Stuart M, Di Mario, ...

Date : 01/01/2003 Item size : 119985 bytes