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Increased utility of cardiac imaging, in particular cross-sectional techniques such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance (MR), will result in increased detection of the anomaly and its ...

Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging, Review, R.B. Irwin, M. Greaves, M. Schmitt

Date : 01/04/2012 Item size : 256543 bytes

In this short article, we review the overall anatomy of the left atrium, the structure of the left atrial appendage, the arrangement of the pulmonary veins, and the limits of the true atrial septum ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, BRITISH SOCIETY OF ECHOCARDIOLOGY AUTUMN SUPPLEMENT 2011, Siew Yen Ho, Karen P. McCarthy, Francesco F. Faletra

Date : 01/10/2011 Item size : 191565 bytes

Abstract Patent foramen ovale (PFO) and atrial septal aneurysm have been cited as potential risk factors for cryptogenic stroke. KeywordsPatent foramen ovaleAtrial septal aneurysmCryptogenic ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, Case Report, D.J. Beacock, V.B. Watt, G.D. Oakley, A. Al Mohammad

Date : 01/03/2006 Item size : 153119 bytes

Abstract We report the transesophageal echocardiogram of a patient who was admitted to the intensive care unit with a diagnosis of acute ischemic stroke, in whom a large atrial septal aneurysm (ASA) ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, Case Report, Tomás Francisco Cianciulli, Demián Chejtman, Susana Beatriz Lipshitz, María Cristina Saccheri, Sergio Llanos Dethinne, Horacio ...

Date : 01/06/2006

A quick injection of 15 cc of echo-contrast fluid (shaken saline/1 cc air), delivered via an antecubital vein, showed filling the right atrial appendage aneurysm (Figure, right). Contrast ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, Case Report, Tomás F. Cianciulli, Edgar R. Rubinetti, María C. Saccheri, Sergio D. Llanos Dethinne, Horacio A. Prezioso

Date : 01/08/2010

Univariate demographic predictors of LA thrombus included systolic blood pressure, ischaemic heart disease and congestive heart failure. Introduction Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, ORIGINAL PAPERS, Anita C. Boyd, Tanya McKay, Siroos Nasibi, David A.B. Richards, Liza Thomas

Date : 01/03/2013

CT originates medially from interatrial septum, just anteriorly to the orifice of the superior vena cava (SVC), descends posteriorly and laterally, turns anteriorly, and finally reaches the orifice ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, Case Report, Nicola D'Amato, Osvaldo Pierfelice, Carlo D'Agostino

Date : 01/05/2009