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[Cardiovasc Res 2018;114:15691570] The authors of the Loss of AZIN2 splice variant facilitates endogenous cardiac regeneration [doi:10.1093/cvr/cvy075] that this Editorial refers to did not disclose ...

Cardiovascular Research

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Septic shock represents an ongoing clinical conundrum, with high mortality rates despite the usual background of extensive haemodynamic support and multiple foci of therapeutic endeavour.1 A ...

Cardiovascular Research, Horowitz, John D, Liu, Saifei

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Atherosclerosis is regarded as a chronic inflammatory disease involving both innate and adaptive immunity. Besides their critical team leader role in acute infections, neutrophils can also be found ...

Cardiovascular Research, Cochain, Clément, Ait-Oufella, Hafid, Zernecke, Alma

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Introduction Murine models of atherosclerosis have been invaluable to gain mechanistic understanding of this chronic disease. Induction of atherosclerosis with relative ease in apolipoprotein E ...

Cardiovascular Research, Johnston, Jessica M, Francis, Sheila E, Kiss-Toth, Endre

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Hypertension represents one of the most powerful cardiovascular risk, severely increasing the incidence of major events, including stroke, dementia, myocardial infarction, heart failure, and renal ...

Cardiovascular Research, Carnevale, Daniela, Wenzel, Philip

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Commentary on Tissue stiffening coordinates morphogenesis by triggering collective cell migration in vivo by Barriga EH et al., Nature 2018;554:523527.1 Biography Dr Anke Smits obtained her PhD in ...

Cardiovascular Research, Smits, Anke M

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In the year 2000, it was estimated to affect 972 million people around the world, and this number is predicted to increase by 60% in 2025.1 It is well established that hypertension is associated with ...

Cardiovascular Research, Than, Stephanie, Srikanth, Velandai

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Abstract Aims In ventricular myocytes from humans and large mammals, the transverse and axial tubular system (TATS) network is less extensive than in rodents with consequently a greater proportion of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Dries, Eef, Santiago, Demetrio J, Gilbert, Guillaume, Lenaerts, Ilse, Vandenberk, Bert, Nagaraju, Chandan K, Johnson, Daniel M, Holemans, Patricia, Roderick, H Llewelyn, ...

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The related subcellular changes in cardiomyocyte ultrastructure and Ca2+ signalling cause a complex pro-arrhythmic substrate, which is difficult to target with current therapeutic approaches.1 ...

Cardiovascular Research, Dobrev, Dobromir, Fender, Anke C, Wehrens, Xander H T

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Inflammation in cardiovascular disease Inflammation and the immune system are critical to atherosclerosis.1 An augmented understanding of cytokines involved in the regulation of both inflammation and ...

Cardiovascular Research, Mehta, Nehal N

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