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The HCA aims to describe and define the complete cellular landscape of the human body ( By analogy to the Human Genome Project, the HCA aims to map cells of the ...

Cardiovascular Research, Noseda, Michela, Harding, Sian Elizabeth

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If not promptly recycled, 5OP can alter tissue redox conditions, as shown in the rodent brain,3 cardiomyocytes,4 and human derived myocardial tissue.4 Forced OPLAH expression in mice with myocardial ...

Cardiovascular Research, Sourdon, Joevin, Keceli, Gizem, Lindsey, Merry L, Paolocci, Nazareno

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Amongst numerous awards, she received the Liselotte-Becht research award (2017) and the Oskar-Lapp research award (2016) of the German Cardiac Society, the best moderated poster award of the ESC ...

Cardiovascular Research, Schmidt, Constanze

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The transcription factor myocyte enhancer factor 2 (MEF2) is essential for the cardiac gene regulatory network, and increasing evidence suggests its role in pathological cardiac remodelling, although ...

Cardiovascular Research, Filomena, Maria Carmela, Bang, Marie-Louise

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Methods and results In Fibulin-4R/R mice, the extracellular matrix protein Fibulin-4 is 4-fold reduced, resulting in progressive ascending aneurysm formation and early death around 3 months of ...

Cardiovascular Research, van der Pluijm, Ingrid, Burger, Joyce, van Heijningen, Paula M, IJpma, Arne, van Vliet, Nicole, Milanese, Chiara, Schoonderwoerd, Kees, Sluiter, Willem, Ringuette, ...

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Abstract Aims Immune cell function involves energy-dependent processes including growth, proliferation, and cytokine production. Since the AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) is a crucial regulator ...

Cardiovascular Research, Jansen, Thomas, Kröller-Schön, Swenja, Schönfelder, Tanja, Foretz, Marc, Viollet, Benoit, Daiber, Andreas, Oelze, Matthias, Brandt, Moritz, Steven, Sebastian, ...

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In cancers, Jumonji family members have been often found up-regulated and their inhibition by a small molecule called JIB-04, which is pan-selective inhibitor, determined produced anticancer ...

Cardiovascular Research, Mongelli, Alessia, Gaetano, Carlo

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