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Introduction High blood pressure (BP) is a chronic condition that causes progressive target organ damage.1,2 Decades of studies in hypertension allowed the identification of typical features of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Carnevale, Lorenzo, D’Angelosante, Valentina, Landolfi, Alessandro, Grillea, Giovanni, Selvetella, Giulio, Storto, Marianna, Lembo, Giuseppe, Carnevale, Daniela

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Hypertension represents one of the most powerful cardiovascular risk, severely increasing the incidence of major events, including stroke, dementia, myocardial infarction, heart failure, and renal ...

Cardiovascular Research, Carnevale, Daniela, Wenzel, Philip

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In the year 2000, it was estimated to affect 972 million people around the world, and this number is predicted to increase by 60% in 2025.1 It is well established that hypertension is associated with ...

Cardiovascular Research, Than, Stephanie, Srikanth, Velandai

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