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A H Gershlick1, M de Belder2, J Chambers3, D Hackett4, R Keal5, A Kelion6, S Neubauer7, D J Pennell8, M Rothman9, M Signy10, P Wilde11 1Department of Cardiology, University of Leicester, Glenfield ...

Heart, Review, A H Gershlick, M de Belder, J Chambers, D Hackett, R Keal, A Kelion, S Neubauer, D J Pennell, M Rothman, M Signy, P Wilde

Date : 01/04/2007

Methodology 30 patients with Behcet's Syndrome were studied with MRI at 0, 6 and 12monthsafter randomisation to interferon-α treatment (n=14) or standard therapy (n=16), measuring carotid wall ...

Heart, BAS/BSCR Poster Abstracts, C F Chan, N G Keenan, S Lightman, D O Haskard, D J Pennell

Date : 15/10/2011

Methods: A subgroup of 26 volunteers from TOAT (the open artery trial) underwent dobutamine stress cardiovascular magnetic resonance at baseline to assess the amount of viable myocardium present with ...

Heart, Cardiovascular medicine, N G Bellenger, Z Yousef, K Rajappan, M S Marber, D J Pennell

Date : 01/04/2005

A 60 year old woman presented with an inferolateral myocardial infarction (MI) which was treated with thrombolytics and complicated by heart failure.

Heart, Miscellanea, A Varghese, J Pepper, D J Pennell

Date : 01/04/2005

Cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) is a new and important tool for the evaluation of patients with cardiovascular disease. Because of relative unfamiliarity, some cardiologists may not be fully ...

Heart, Editorial, S K Prasad, D J Pennell

Date : 01/11/2004

A 69-year-old man with known ischaemic heart disease complained of left-sided facial numbness, suspicious for a transient ischaemic attack.

Heart, Images in cardiology, N G Keenan, D J Pennell, R H Mohiaddin

Date : 01/02/2008

A 33 year old white man presented with severe, tight, central chest pain following a flu-like illness.

Heart, Miscellanea, A Varghese, S Davies, D J Pennell

Date : 01/05/2005

Objective: To investigate, using cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR), the effects of carvedilol on left ventricular remodelling in patients with chronic stable heart failure and left ventricular ...

Heart, Cardiovascular medicine, N G Bellenger, K Rajappan, S L Rahman, A Lahiri, U Raval, J Webster, G D Murray, A J S Coats, J G F Cleland, D J Pennell

Date : 01/07/2004