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Background Elevated levels of circulating liver enzymes have been associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Methods We studied 9333 men and women, aged 5375 years, free of AF, ...

Heart, Arrhythmias and sudden death, Alvaro Alonso, Jeffrey R Misialek, Mohamed A Amiin, Ron C Hoogeveen, Lin Y Chen, Sunil K Agarwal, Laura R Loehr, Elsayed Z Soliman, Elizabeth Selvin

Date : 01/10/2014

Risk factors for atrial fibrillation and their population burden in postmenopausal women: the Women's Health Initiative Observational Study Setting The Women's Health Initiative (WHI) Observational ...

Heart, Heart rhythm disorders, Marco V Perez, Paul J Wang, Joseph C Larson, Elsayed Z Soliman, Marian Limacher, Beatriz Rodriguez, Liviu Klein, JoAnn E Manson, Lisa W Martin, Ronald Prineas, ...

Date : 15/08/2013