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Hongyi Wu, Juying Qian, Junbo Ge Department of Cardiology, Shanghai Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, Shanghai, China Correspondence to Dr Junbo Ge, ...

Heart, Image challenge, Hongyi Wu, Juying Qian, Junbo Ge

Date : 01/01/2015

Coronary arteriography in a 65 year old woman who presented with chest pain at rest revealed multiple fine fistulae arising from the left anterior descending, left circumflex, and right coronary ...

Heart, Research Article, A. Meissner, M. Lins, G. Herrmann, R. Simon

Date : 01/07/1997

A 30 year old female admitted for evaluation of left chest pain was suspected to have multiple cardiac hydatid cysts.

Heart, Research Article, S. B. Siwach, V. K. Katyal, Jagdish

Date : 01/04/1997

Between 10 and 20% of coronary arteriograms in patients with chest pain show normal vessels, often in association with a history of "atypical" angina. If coronary arteriography was withheld in ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, C Ilsley, A Stockley, D Clitsakis, C Layton

Date : 01/12/1982

Electrocardiograms obtained serially from 544 patients with non-Q wave infarction in the Diltiazem Reinfarction Study were analysed to compare the short term (less than or equal to 14 days) and long ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, W E Boden, R E Kleiger, R S Gibson, B R Reddy, K B Schechtman, D J Schwartz, R J Capone, R Roberts

Date : 01/05/1989

Prospective study of all women presenting to a centre with chest pain between 1987 and 1993 who were assessed by an ETT and coronary angiography. The negative predictive value for those women above ...

Heart, Research Article, N. Curzen, D. Patel, D. Clarke, C. Wright, D. Mulcahy, A. Sullivan, D. Holdright, K. Fox

Date : 01/08/1996

Coronary sinus potassium concentration was measured continuously in two patients undergoing angioplasty of a significant stenosis of the left anterior descending coronary artery.

British Heart Journal, Research Article, S C Webb, A F Rickards, P A Poole-Wilson

Date : 01/08/1983

Using intracardiac electrophysiological recordings and programmed stimulation we have examined 14 patients with sinoatrial disease and 11 control patients undergoing investigation for chest ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, B Crook, D Kitson, M McComish, D Jewitt

Date : 01/07/1977

Impact of a public campaign on pre-hospital delay in patients reporting chest pain. All 1337 patients who presented with chest pain to the emergency department of the Hôpital Cantonal ...

Heart, Research Article, J. M. Gaspoz, P. F. Unger, P. Urban, J. C. Chevrolet, W. Rutishauser, C. Lovis, L. Goldman, C. Héliot, L. Séchaud, S. Mischler, F. A. Waldvogel

Date : 01/08/1996

Cardiospecific enzyme release curves were constructed from repeated measurements of the plasma activity of the myocardial isoenzyme of creatine kinase (MB CK) during 4 days after the onset of chest ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, A P Selwyn, K Fox, E Welman, J P Shillingford

Date : 01/04/1978